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Hi! My name is Sasha Nugara and I am currently studying English literature at Cardiff University. My passions include food and travel and I love injecting this into my writing, so stay tuned for many posts to come! I recently acquired the role of food and drink editor at my university magazine and I’m looking forward to sharing all my articles on here in hope to reach a wider audience! My blog is very new and I’m only just getting to grips with how to use it and maximize your enjoyment as a reader, so bear with me!

The Do’s and don’ts of kitchen sustainability

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Originally written for Quench magazine With hard hitting programs such as David Attenborough’s recently released ‘A life on our planet’, climate change and its impending doom has been successfully brought to the forefront of our minds. It is understandably hard to live a completely eco-friendly life when it is … Continue reading The Do’s and don’ts of kitchen sustainability

The art of charcuterie

Originally written for Quench Mag In this day and age, the average cheese plate will no longer do. It’s all about the charcuterie boards. The term charcuterie comes from France, directly translating to ‘delicatessen’ and involves a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products. Although the term specifically refers to the cooking of meat, … Continue reading The art of charcuterie

Review: Got Beef

Wales’s national lockdown was looming and we had no choice but to spend our last evening tasting the food of Cardiff’s Got Beef. After opening its doors in 2014, Got Beef was voted as No. 2 by National Newspaper Wales in its Top 15 burger joints in Wales list. After achieving this title in less … Continue reading Review: Got Beef

A sobering October

Written for Quench magazine “The university climate can be brutal and intense, but nothing I couldn’t rise above” On the 1st of October my co-editor, Indigo, pitched the idea of ‘Sober for October’ and for one of us to take up the challenge. This immediately piqued my interest as, due to my status as a … Continue reading A sobering October

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A 20 year old English lit student based in Cardiff and Bath

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I love to travel and endeavour to detail all my experiences thoroughly throughout this page


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Food and drink

Food is my passion and I look forward to building this section with all my foodie experiences!

Review: Mowgli

“In 2014, founder Nisha Katona had a nagging obsession to build an eatery serving the kind of food Indians eat at home and on their streets.” Walking into the Cardiff branch of Mowgli, we were met with a dazzling spectacle of fairy lights and warm colour. The staff were so incredibly welcoming and helpful that … Continue reading Review: Mowgli

Review: wahaca

Written by Indigo Jones, Hannah Penwright and Sasha Nugara for Quench magazine Last week our section editors were offered the chance to review Wahaca Cardiff, a Mexican chain which can be found across the UK. The restaurant prides itself on sustainability, and its new menu explains how it’s the most sustainable yet. After having been … Continue reading Review: wahaca

The Coconut tree

Originally written for Quench student mag As someone who has grown up immersed in Sri Lankan food and culture due to my father’s heritage, the opening of The Coconut Tree in Cardiff was an exciting moment for me. When I walked into the restaurant for the first time, I remember being instantly hit with a … Continue reading The Coconut tree

Post lockdown health kick

Written for Quench student mag For me, lockdown will always signify an unprecedented amount of binge snacking and stress eating. Those early, uncertain days were passed with films and chocolate as I lost all motivation and any concept of the word ‘health’. Now that lockdown is lifting and uni is looming, I am all too … Continue reading Post lockdown health kick

My Mallorcan foodie experience

Adapted from my article for Quench student mag After months of reminiscing of beach days and gorgeous holiday food, my opportunity finally came with a perfectly timed trip to Mallorca. Daydreams of paella and tapas would soon become a reality as I soak up the gorgeous Mallorcan sun whilst sipping on a glass of sangria. … Continue reading My Mallorcan foodie experience

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As food editor for the award winning student magazine Quench, I have begun to build up a portfolio of articles based around food. I have also been able to explore other sections and experiment in all kinds of writing.

To find out more about Quench, click here https://cardiffstudentmedia.co.uk/quench/

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