Sober for October; The first hurdle

“The university climate can be brutal and intense, but nothing I can’t rise above.”

My alcohol consumption may be deemed as marginally unhealthy by the average person (I go to University), and I’ve decided to make a change. On the 1st of October my co-editor, Indigo, from Quench magazine pitched her article idea of ‘Sober for October’ and her plans to write about her experience of a sober month. I thought it was a brilliant idea. That night as I was lying in bed my mind was consumed by this pitch.  Was this the inspiration I needed? Was this the perfect excuse to test myself? I am someone that lives for goals and I truly struggle to achieve without something to work towards. I sat upright in bed as it dawned on me. I needed to be a part of this. I text Indigo straight away to let her know that she had inspired me to follow suit. She immediately responded with the idea to co-write the article. I agreed. Suddenly, I was committed and had the ultimate goal to work towards.

It’s been three days and it’s safe to say that I have had no issues so far. The current social climate of Cardiff and the lockdown measures is definitely helping me due to the forced removal of all club suggestions. I watched my housemate enjoying a couple beers as we watched a film together last night, but, surprisingly, I found it to be light work. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys a casual drink as I genuinely love the taste of alcohol and the gentle buzz generated from that first drink. So, for me to have no inclination to participate in the beer drinking was my first win.

My boyfriend and my mum are my biggest supporters so far. They are both keen for me to cut back my drinking and put my physical and mental health first. This has added an enjoyable amount of pressure as I know that if I fail, I am not just letting myself down, but the people who care about me and I really don’t want that to happen!

I have never felt so inclined to achieve a goal, nor so at one with my decisions. Although many people would not believe a month sober is a big deal, it will be a big deal to me to know that I can do it. The university climate can be brutal and intense, but nothing I can’t rise above.

Stay tuned to find out how I get on!

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