Sober for October; the Nosecco experience

Everyone was off for an Indian and the BYOB policy meant we were in for a heavy night. A trip to Tesco left everyone with crates of beer and wine whilst I straggled behind with my single bottle of Tesco’s finest nosecco. I was particularly grateful for my antibiotics as this was the first night I could have been tempted to break my sober stint and have a night off.

Interacting with drunk people whilst being sober is a key skill to possess, and definitely not one I’d previously mastered, so I was curious to see how much I would enjoy it and whether it would be boring. Turns out, sipping on a few glasses of nosecco whilst eating completely satisfied me! The energy was high, and the conversation flowed, and, although everyone was slowly getting more and more drunk, it almost felt like I was too. By instinct, I finished my bottle (what a lot of grape juice) and I had felt a similar satisfaction as I would have from polishing off a bottle of wine.

The nosecco didn’t taste exactly like prosecco, but by drinking it out of the champagne flute, my mind was able to transport me to an alcohol-soaked destination. The carbon dioxide infused grape juice made my taste buds tingle as their cravings for alcohol were satisfied by the placebo effect. It was very sweet, and it was best to try and not smell it, but it was the perfect replacement as everyone else was drinking.

I will definitely try a nosecco night again this month as I continue my sobriety and I would even recommend it to others who are attempting the same thing. I was able to feel like I was joining in whilst maintaining myself and it’s fair to say, socialising with drunk people whilst sober is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be!

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